Posted by: ardhasugarda | November 20, 2011

Indonesian U-23 (SEA Games Football Team)

Finally Indonesia with it’s U-23 football team has reach the final against Malaysia.”Garuda Muda” what it is called as the youngsters of Indonesian team has made the country proud and the spirit spread all over the country. We always be proud of the Indonesian U-23 team no matter what is the result in final, as we have been waiting for 20 years since our last victory in final SEA Games 1991 which is held in Philippines, when on that time Indonesia won the penalty kick against Thailand of 4-3 after having 120 minutes draw of 0-0.

At SEA Games XXVI 2011, Indonesia have won 3 times in the group match and 1 time lost against Malaysia to be the runner up group, and in Semifinal Indonesia beat Vietnam with 2-0 which is called the “real final” as it’s predicted to be meet in final. We will then see if history can be made on the final match to win the gold medal of football in SEA Games XXVI held in Jakarta and Palembang. Here’s some of the preview of our beloved U-23 Indonesian Team.

Indonesian U-23 Football Team

Indonesian U-23 Football Team

The following are the result of Indonesia from the group match up to final match in SEA Games XXVI 2011.

Indonesian U-23 Result in SEA Games XXVI 2011

Indonesian U-23 Result in SEA Games XXVI 2011

The following 20 players were called up for 2011 Southeast Asian Games in Jakarta, Indonesia. Caps and goals updated as November 19, 2011 after match against Vietnam U-23.

Indonesia U-23 Football Team

Indonesia U-23 Football Team



  1. Nice Dha…kayak makalah management kita dulu hehehehe……*gw paling males buat makalah….free-rider mulu…hehheheeh* sempet2nya update data…data lu lengkap nih…..

    • Hehehehehe.. thank you Feb.. jadi mau kuliah lagi nih.. hahahaha.. padahal gw juga paling males buat makalah dulu.. tp ya krn kerjaan sekarang mengharuskan buat proposal mau gak mau deh dipaksain.. hehehehe.. thanks for the comment…

  2. rahmad darmawan, kenapa ferdinan sinaga dimasukan sebagai tim eksekusi pada final sea games 2011? kan anda sendiri sudahn tahu dia memiliki peforma yang buruk. ( yach jelas lah, baru makan daging babi dia)….makanya lemas terusssss…. ampun aku…

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